10 Healthy Snacks For A Long Walk

10 Healthy Snacks For A Long Walk

Outdoor enthusiasts love spending time in the fresh air and the thrill of an adventure. It can be a long hike on their favorite trail or a walk at the local nature park. Many people who enjoy the outdoors also are concerned about taking care their health. If you are expending a lot of your energy on a long walk, there will be times where you will need to stop and eat! Properly fueling your body with good nutrition will help you complete the long journey. Being prepared with healthy and delicious snacks throughout the day will make your journey more fun. Here are ten healthy snacks that you can prepare before your next adventure! 

1. Beef Jerky 

Beef jerky is a convenient food because it does not have to be refrigerated. You simply open up the bag and eat it. It is packed with protein, and you can enjoy different delicious flavors. However, one thing you’ll have to worry about is the sodium content. The high amount of sodium can make you dehydrated quickly. If you have a food dehydrator at home, consider making your own to cut back on the salt. You can experiment with different marinades and make your own tasty creation. 

2. Granola 

Granola is a popular food in the hiking world. Granola has a decent amount of fiber that will give you sustained energy on a long walk. Granola comes in all different brands and flavors to appeal to your taste. It is another food that is considered a healthy option, but be careful to check the sugar content. Some brands of granola can contain unnecessary added sugar. You can consider making your own granola so you know what you’re putting in your food. Dried oatmeal, nuts, and some brown sugar are a few of the ingredients you can use to make a simple granola. 

3. Celery and peanut butter 

This could be a classic in the outdoor world. Celery has a lot of water content that will keep you hydrated throughout your long journey. Smearing it with some peanut butter will help keep you full. Opt for natural peanut butter to avoid hydrogenated fat. The first ingredient in peanut butter should be peanuts. You can even top it with some raisins to make the famous “ants on a log!” You’ll need some raisins for the ants though. 

4. Crackers and Tuna 

A can of tuna fish is a portable, healthy snack you can take anywhere with you. You won’t have to worry about it spoiling in the middle of the day. Combined with low sodium crackers, you’ll have a perfect snack on the go to satisfy your hunger. Do you want to make a tuna salad that doesn’t spoil? Bring some packets of low-fat mayo to make a convenient, tasty snack when you’re pressed for time. 

5. Protein Bars 

Protein bars are usually an excellent choice for a healthy snack on the go. Most have a balance of quality protein, healthy fats, and a good amount of dietary fiber. You’ll have to do some research to see which protein bar is best for you. Like granola, some protein bars have extra amounts of added sugar. Aim for single digit sugar content on the nutritional label. If you have time, you could always look up a recipe to make your own. 

6. Bananas 

Bananas are one of the best foods you can eat if you’re exerting a lot of your energy on a long walk. Your body is susceptible to cramping when you’re using your muscles for an extended amount of time. It’s a food packed with loads of potassium that will prevent your body from breaking down. You can even spread some natural peanut butter on top for some extra energy! Store the peanut butter in a small container to have it ready for a quick snack. 

7. Dried Fruit 

Although fresh fruit is it good option a long walk, it is not enjoyable if it’s warm. Another hassle is trying to keep the juices from spilling everywhere. Choosing dried fruit is a great snack because it has dense calories to keep you satisfied. It won’t take up much space in your backpack either. It is an easy snack to pull out and eat because there is virtually no clean up. You can actually eat it as you’re walking. 

8. Nuts and Seeds 

It’s hard to go wrong with nuts and seeds as a good snack for a long walk. Almost any variety of nut or seed is a heart healthy, high protein snack perfect for your day out in the sun. They are perfect snack to maintain blood sugar and keep you trudging along. Whenever you feel yourself getting a little hungry, opt for this snack! 

9. Vegetables 

Don’t forget your veggies on a long walking trip! They are easy to prep and won’t make a mess. In addition, many vegetables contain a lot of water so you won’t have to worry about getting dehydrated. Pulling out a bag of sliced carrots or broccoli can help improve digestion. You want to spend most of your time enjoying your adventure and not stopping to go to the bathroom. 

10. Sandwiches 

Pulling out a sandwich to eat on your trip is it easy way to stop and get some energy. Sandwiches go along with almost any snack and it’s a convenient food that you can pack away in your cooler. You can get creative about what you like to put on it, and it will give you the boost to complete the day. 

Consider these items the next time you go on a long walk. You need to consider food that will give you the energy you need to have an enjoyable time. A good combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates throughout the day will keep your body performing at the highest level!