Moving Abroad Checklist


You’ve finally done it: after some time of sitting on the idea, you have decided that it was time to move your headquarters abroad. You’ve done your research on the country, you (hopefully) have a fairly good hold on the language, and you also found a place you could call “home.”

Still, while it may look easy to just “pack your things and go,” there are several things you might want to be particularly attentive of. To ensure that your moving experience goes flawlessly, here are some tips that you might want to consider adding to your checklist:

Gather Enough Savings

When you move to a different city, settling in and getting a job can happen very quickly. However, when you move to another country, there are certain hills you have to cross over before getting a job – such as getting your citizenship and paperwork done.

Depending on the country, that might take a month or two to get ready. In that time, you’ll most likely have to pay rent, buy food – and basically survive. Try to have at least half a year’s worth of savings before you get there – and that’s the bare minimum. The more you can save up, the better.

Get Your Documents Ready

Before making the move abroad, make sure that your documents are ready. If you have IDs, passports, or other documents that expire in the next six months, renew them beforehand.

Furthermore, when you get to your destination, you will also have to apply for a visa – so, make sure that you have all the paperwork ready. Do your research beforehand and gather your documents before you leave. It will save you a lot of time, allowing you to settle in much faster.

Take Only The Essentials

Take only as much as you need with you, and travel as light as possible. You won’t need an entire suitcase packed with books and trinkets; you can get those again when you get there. Instead, take only the things you might need in the following months – such as clothes, toiletries, and your documents. The rest, you can either buy or have them sent to you on a later notice.

Put Your Belongings In Storage

You may be moving away for a short time, or you may be going permanently; the fact remains that you will still have things you can’t carry with you. They may be too big, or they may simply be unnecessary where you are going – but you can’t just throw them in the street. And if they have sentimental value, you can’t sell them either.

In this case, you might want to look for a place where you can store them. Brett Epstein – a Sydney removalist says

‘just make sure that the storage can fit everything – and that you have the key to it. You might also want to leave a spare key to a trusted friend or a sibling – just in case you’ll want them to send something over to you.’

Ready Up Your Healthcare Insurance

At some point during your stay, you are bound to get sick. It might be a dental problem, or you might be stuck with the flu – in which case, you will have to see a doctor. It would be very inconvenient if you suddenly realize your current healthcare insurance does not cover your ailment.

First things first, get all the vaccines that you might need in that country. After that, find out what prescriptions are available, and how easy you can get to them. If your health requires a certain medicine that you can’t find there, you might want to stock up – but be sure to have your prescription with you. Otherwise, you might not even be able to go past the airport gates.

Contact Your Bank

If you are planning to move permanently, you might want to close up your bank account and transfer your funds into an account from the target country. If you’re saying goodbye to your country forever, you likely won’t need that account again.

On the other hand, if you plan to return eventually, then you might want to inform the bank of your leave. This way, you will be able to hang on to your credit score while avoiding transaction fees from abroad.

Final Thoughts

Moving abroad is one big scary move. However, if you take the right steps beforehand, it should all go smoothly. Gather all your documents, pack all you need, and settle in the place you are about to call home.

Still, don’t forget to throw a goodbye party. You need to have one last blast with your friends before you embark on a new journey.