Travel Spacemaker Bags & Vacuum Packing Bags For Travel

Storage and space are two words that give us instant headaches, there never seems to be an end to one or enough of the other. The other problem that goes hand in hand with these terms is where and how to store. With common enemies like humidity, dust and air, or insects and bugs, it can be difficult to keep your belongings in great condition.

That is why these vacuum seal bags are the ideal solution for storage, not only do they reduce space needs, but they protect the items from harmful elements while they are stored. But, we need to find the right compression bag depending on what we want to use it for.

Spacemaker bags are not only ideal for home storage, they are also a great way of reducing the amount of space needed, say for example, in suitcases or rucksacks. They can reduce up to 75% of the volume of our clothes, and at the same time increase protection against harmful elements.

Ziploc bags can store any kind of garments, like comforters, blankets, pillows, sweaters, patio cushions… but, they’re not recommended for natural fibres such as down or leather, as they can harm the material.

There are several types of vacuum bags on the market; they vary in size, shape, and vacuum system (nozzle, wheels, zipper) so the right one for you will depend on what you will use it for; storing garments, packing for a trip or protecting stored items.

You can see there is a large variety of vacuum bags available, which can be a bit confusing when searching for the ideal one for your purpose. Here we will have a look at a few of the best ones available, and find out what they are best suitable for.

Whether it is winter clothes we want to store for the summer season, fit more clothes in that one suitcase or protect our items while travelling.

How does a vacuum bag work?

A vacuum bag, as the name states, uses a system based on eliminating as much air as possible inside, in order to reduce space and protect items equally. Some of the bags come with a special hand pump, most can adapt to house vacuum cleaner nozzles and others simply roll out the air.

What can vacuum bags store?

Home Goods

They are a great way to store soft, bulky materials such as duvets, pillows, blankets, anoraks or winter clothes. These items normally take up considerable space in closets, dressers, or travelling bags, the main reason being the amount of air in the material. These bags are also useful for storing clothes that are not needed very often but would ordinarily take up a large amount of room to store.


Vacuum bags are perfect for travellers, as they can be used to hold different travel items, like clothing or pillows, and create more room in the travel bag. They are also handy for keeping dirty laundry separate and helping avoid dirt or odours spreading to clean items.

Other Items

Another use they have is storing items we want to keep protected but no longer use, such as baby items. Many parents find them useful to store items children have grown out of, or no longer have the use for but want to keep safe. Vacuum storage bags can be used for keeping these tightly packed, without taking up a large amount of storage space when kept in the cupboard, garage, or attic.

What kind of vacuum systems are there?

There are 3 different ways to vacuum the air out of storage bags. Most come adapted with a valve that fits universal vacuum cleaners, used to suction out the air in the storage bag. Many, in addition, come with a hand pump, ideal for taking with you on journeys. Finally, another very practical way of suctioning air out, especially when travelling, is the rolling mechanism, using your hands or body weight to slowly roll and press the air out of the storage bags manually.



# Of Bags





Product Includes

Dimensions (cm)




  • 3 Small
  • 3 Medium
  • 3 Large
  • 3 Jumbo

Double Zip Seal

Triple Seal Turbo Valve + Hand Pump

Free Travel Pump

  • 40x60
  • 50x70
  • 60x80
  • 100x75




  • 4 Small Suitcase
  • 2 Medium
  • 5 Large
  • 2 Jumbo


Vacuum Cleaner/ Hand Rolling

  • 45x57
  • 45x57
  • 54x85
  • 67x100



Rectange & Hanger

  • 2 Medium
  • 2 Large

Double Zipper + Utility Clip

One-way suction valve

  • 70x105
  • 70x135




  • 4 Medium
  • 4 Large

Double Zipper


  • 60x40
  • 70x50




  • 2 XS
  • 6 Small
  • 5 Medium
  • 5 Large
  • 2 Jumbo

Touch Zipper + Clip

Vacuum + Hand-Rolling

2 Travel Bags + Hand Travel pump

  • 60x40
  • 70x50
  • 85x55
  • 100x70
  • 120x90
Space Saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Space Saver

As the name suggests, these compression bags are ideal for saving space or making the most out of what you have to work with. Offering such a wide variety in sizes, not only are they good for home storage, these bags are ideal for travelling as they save precious packing space and protect clothes from hazardous elements like dirt, humidity or insects, or on the other hand, separate dirty laundry from fresh clothes.

Thanks to its unique double-zip seal and triple-turbo valve, they guarantee that not an ounce of air will be let in. Reducing over 80% of storage space, these air-tight bags come with a lifetime guarantee, making this option a good investment in the long run. In case this option isn't 100% convincing, they also offer a free Travel Pump in the deal.

Ziploc Space Bag

Ziploc Space Bags have a special ring to them, with such a renowned name, it almost guarantees a safe buy. But not only do these Vacuum Bags inspire brand security, they also have one of the most interesting offers on the market.

Starting with its variety in sizes, Ziploc Space Bags have the ideal array, from small travel bags to jumbo airtight storage bags. Also worth noting is the different system each size uses in order to adapt to your needs. Small bags eliminate air through the rolling technique, so no extra gadget is needed and therefore making them perfect for suitcases. On the other hand, the larger bags can be compressed with any vacuum cleaner, to avoid having to manually compress. 

Taili Hanging Vacuum Bag

If you are looking to increase your wardrobe space or simply organize your clothes more efficiently, this is the best option for you. Taili Hanging Vacuum Bags are the perfect way of reducing the space your clothes need in the closet.

From suits and gowns to jackets and anoraks, you can hang up to 5 different garments in one same bag, thanks to the 5 ring design on the hanger, so although there are 4 space-maker bags, the items we can store are many. Also worth noting is the material used; seethrough to help find clothes easily, strong and durable, and perfect to use in many different situations.

The Chestnut Space Saver

These travel compression bags have traveller written all over them. They come in two different sizes and are compressed manually, so no vacuum needed. Backpackers will find this option most interesting, as these airtight bags protect belongings from damaging elements and are one of the most affordable, so save pennies on travel space bags and use them to explore the world.

Hibag Premium Space Saver Bags, 20 Pack Vacuum Compression Bags

Hilbag Premium

This option offers 20 compression bags in different sizes, making it an excellent choice if you need storage bags for a variety of reasons, from storing bedding to organizing the household.

Families will probably find this option the most useful, as they are easy on the pocket and serve a number of purposes. The material used is strong and resistant and manufactured under very strict quality controls, so not only does this option include a wide variety of sizes, they will probably last for a lifetime.These vacuum sealed bags also come with a free hand pump, and two extra hand rolling bags, making this option more and more interesting.